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"The Disciplinary Identity of HCI Research: An Investigation Using Configurational Theory"

Our article "The Disciplinary Identity of HCI Research: An Investigation Using Configurational Theory" is now published at

This has been something I have worked on for many years and finally it is finished. Jordan was instrumental in finalizing this work. Thanks Jordan!

To me, this is important work and crucial for our field. However, I understand that it is not the kind of material that will attract a lot of interest. Who cares about something so unusual as "configurational theory" when there are real problems in the world to fix :-) Anyhow, if you are still reading, here is the abstract:

"HCI is an eclectic intellectual community comprised of researchers from different academic backgrounds applying diverse methodologies to an array of research questions. What is it that unites this community? What makes HCI an academic discipline? Researchers have proposed different frames—science and problem-solving, for example—to make sense of HCI as a unified, cohesive discipline. In this paper, we investigate whether a configurational theory of HCI can contribute to the discourse. As part of our investigation, we propose a configurational theory that is potentially suitable for HCI research. Our examination has led to an understanding of HCI that emphasizes its core object of study rather than its methodologies or tendency towards problem solving. We explore how this approach complements and extends existing discussions of HCI’s disciplinary identity. We end by discussing some potential benefits that a configurational theory might have, such as its ability to serve as a frame of reference for researchers, help researchers position their work in relation to existing work, identify and evaluate research claims and evidence, and assess contribution and knowledge growth in the field."

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