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UX and Interaction Design Trends 2023

It is always interesting to search for what is new trends in interaction design/UX. I do this myself now and then, just to see what the people in the field are thinking and, of course, to inform my teachings on the topic. Here are some of the links you can stumble upon:

and there are many, many more....

Going through these lists is a good exercise, especially trying to see if there are patterns or some more universal trends since most of these links state personal preferences and perspectives and less universal developments.

It seems as if many of the trends are quite superficial, not in the sense of being unimportant, but in the sense that it is about minor changes in interaction, layout, illustrations, etc. I see this as a sign of an overall development of the field towards being more informed by fashion than anything else. And I do not see that as a bad change in any way. A mature design field always becomes more fashion-oriented. Interaction design and UX design will become increasingly a fashion driven field.

Of course, there are some more foundational trend observations based on new technology, such as virtual worlds and ID authentication. All important for anyone working in the field. And then some changes in work practices, such as mobile-first design, and micro-interaction design.

After having looked at several predictions, it is possible to state that there are no real surprises, no major changes in the way people see emerging trends. A focus on user experiences to serve the purpose of the app or website is still the main trend.

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