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Below is a list of most of my publications. Some of them can be downloaded by clicking on the link. If you find anything missing or any errors here, please let me know.

Or you can go to google scholar's list of my publications.



Janlert, Lars-Erik & Stolterman, Erik. (2017) Things That Keep Us Busy -- the elements of interaction
MIT Press.

Nelson, H. & Stolterman, E. (2012). The Design Way-- Intentional Change in an Unpredictable World. 2nd Edition, The MIT Press. Cambridge, MA. (This book is published in Chinese and will soon be published in Spanish.)

Željko Obrenović and Erik Stolterman (2017) Design Instability -- notes on design complexity. (Leanpub)

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[This is the first Edition of the book]

Fitzgerald, B., Russo, N., & Stolterman, E. (2002). Information Systems Development – Methods-in-Action. McGraw-Hill.

[The book above has also been translated into Italian:
Lo sviluppo di sistemi informativi. Metodi in azione
(2004).  Franca Cantoni , Brian Fitzgerald , Nancy L. Russo , Erik Stolterman]

Löwgren, J. & Stolterman, E. (2004 2nd Edition, first published in 1998). Design av informationsteknik - materialet utan egenskaper. Studentlitteratur. Lund.

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Articles in reviewed journals
Mikael Wiberg, Erik Stolterman, Time and Temporality in HCI Research, Interacting with Computers, 2021;, iwab025,
Stolterman, E. (2021). The challenge of improving designing. International Journal of Design, 15(1), 65-74. 
William Odom, Erik Stolterman & Amy Yo Sue Chen (2021) Extending a Theory of Slow Technology for Design through Artifact Analysis, Human–Computer Interaction, DOI: 10.1080/07370024.2021.1913416
Erik Stolterman & Mikael Wiberg (2020) Compositional interaction design—changes in design practice and its implications for teaching and research, Digital Creativity, DOI: 10.1080/14626268.2020.1722708

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(Won the prize as the journals best article of 1997)
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Articles in reviewed conferences
Stolterman Bergqvist, E. & Janlert, L-E. (forthcoming). "The emergence of interactivity fields and what it means for human-computer interaction and interactivity" in the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2021 28-29 October 2021
Sosa-Tzec, O. & Stolterman, E. (2021) Delight by Motion: Investigating the Role of Animation in Microinteractions, at MODE Conference (Motion Design Education) 2021, Virtual, 10-13 June 2021.
Giri, N. & Stolterman, E. (2020 forthcoming). "Systems Approach to Designing an Enjoyable Process for Game Designers" The HCII Conference 2020.

Giri, N. & Stolterman, E. (2020). Pixel Perfect: Fashion Styling in Virtual Character Design Process. The HCII Conference 2020.

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Articles in ACM Interactions

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Journal Special Issue

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Technical Reports

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Articles in other conference proceedings

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Stolterman, E. (1992). Some reflections on the study of practice. i Bjerknes, G. (eds) Proceedings of the  15th IRIS Conference, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway.
Stolterman, E. (1989). System Design Methods As Creativity "Killers". Skagen, Denmark: Proceedings  of the 12th IRIS conference, Aalborg University, Inst of Electronic Systems.
Other articles

Beck, J., & Bergqvist, E. S. (2018, November 5). Designing has no given problems, no given processes, and no given solutions. Retrieved from

DOI: 10.31219/ 
Stolterman, E. (2004). "A Personal Reflection: Churchman Then and Now". Advancing Design. Vol. 5, No. 1.
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Stolterman, E., Croon, A. & Ågren, PO. (1997) Virtual communities - why and how are they studied
Stolterman, E. (1997). Two Design Traps: Analysis Paralysis and Value Paralysis, Advanced Design Institute working paper
Nelson, H. & Stolterman, E. (1997). The Case for Design, Advanced Design Institute working paper
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Stolterman, E. (2000). Utvärdering av systemvetenskapliga pch kognitionsvetenskapliga programmen vid Linköpings universitet. Filosofiska fakulteten, Rapportserie nr 15, Linköpings universitet.
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Stolterman, E. (1994). The aesthetics of information systems, (Submitted but not accepted at ICIS-94). Department of Informatics, Umeå Universitet.
Stolterman, E. (1992). En liten betraktelse över vår utbildning i ett internationellt perspektiv. [Our education in an international perspective]. Institutionen för informatik, Umeå Universitet, Umeå.
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