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My research interests have over the years changed and slowly drifted, but the main core has stayed the same. Below I briefly mention some of the core areas where I am engaged. 

Research on Interactivity and Interfaces

This is an area that, for me, over the years has developed and grown. Most of this work I have done in collaboration with Lars-Erik Janlert. We have published some articles and in 2017 we published the book "Things that keep us busy - the elements of interaction" (MIT Press). 

Interaction Design Research

A central interest in my research is interaction design. We are moving into an era where our environment is a blended composition of the physical and virtual. Our interactions with this environment are becoming increasingly complex and strongly influence our lives and our society. Jonas Löwgren and I present some of this work in our book “Thoughtful Interaction Design” (MITpress, 2004). I have also published many papers and articles on this topic over the years.

The Philosophy, Theory, and Methodology of Design

Since my doctoral thesis, I have had the philosophy and theory of design as a major interest. This interest has evolved and is today an ongoing collaborative endeavor together with Prof. Harold Nelson. The core of our work was published in the book “The Design Way – Intentional Change in an Unpredictable World” (2012, 2nd Edition, MIT. Press). The book has already been labeled as a “classical” and “seminal” work in design.

Information Systems Design 

Information systems design and management have always been part of my research. It has over the years resulted in articles and textbooks. This work has lead to a rich international network of research collaborators. Brian Fitzgerald, Nancy Russo, and I published a book with the purpose to present some of our combined research efforts in the field. The book title is “Information Systems Development – Methods-in-Action” (McGraw-Hill).

Information Technology, Philosophy of Technology and Societal Change

For quite some time I have felt a strong need to be able to link my research to more general questions concerning the development of society at large. I see information technology as one of the most important factors in the rapid change of our societal structures, both physical and social. 

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