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New article: Time and Temporality in HCI Research

Really nice to see our latest collaboration lead to a published article. Mikale Wibergs and my article "Time and Temporality in HCI Research" has now been published in the excellent journal "Interacting With Computers". You can find more info here.

Here is the abstract:

"‘Time’ and ‘temporality’ are increasingly addressed in human-computer interaction (HCI) research. From issues related to mapping and visualizing data along timelines via explorations of temporality as a design material to studies of lag and the rhythms of work, time is a recurring perspective in HCI research. In fact, time has been a recurring aspect in HCI research for the past 30 years. Based on this continuous and growing interest in HCI research, we find it to be a good time to explore if ‘time’ can be used as a way to structure and organize HCI research. In this paper, we make one such attempt based on a literature study in which we have focused on how time and temporality has been addressed in HCI research during the past 30 years. In our overview of the field, we explore how time and temporality has played out in HCI along the two dimensions of what and how it has been studied. Based on these two dimensions, we created a 4 × 4 matrix that allowed us to filter the material and categorize HCI research in relation to time and temporality. As a result of our explorations, we have identified a turn to temporality as a design material in HCI, an interest in methods for temporality studies in HCI and in temporality as a theoretical lens. We end with a discussion of some implications of our findings around the notions of (i) waves of time and temporality studies in HCI research, (ii) the potential use of the 4 × 4 matrix and (iii) the consequences of a more fundamental shift from things to events."

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